Former FN and FF+ leader Tshwane Mayoral Candidate for African Mandate Congress

Former FN National Spokesperson and FF+ Gauteng Deputy Youth Leader is now the Leader and Mayoral Candidate for the African Mandate Congress in Tshwane the party announced today.

Francois believes the parties policy of smaller municipalities and complete federalism in South Africa is the way for the future. Because more autonomy should be given to the people on governance of third level government.

The party want to change the views of South Africans that regardless of colour that every person on this continent is African.

The African Mandate Congress policy is the following:

Smaller and more accountable municipalities:
What do the party mean by this? The South African constitution allows the South African population the right for self determination inside the territory of the Republic. The party want to use this to create smaller municipalities. Because smaller municipalities is easier to govern and easier to fight corruption. Some municipalities around the world are as small as 2000 people. Why not also here in South Africa too? The Government that is ruled by the ANC is creating new bigger municipalities and Metro areas to hide the corruption and bad governance of it. Basic service the delivery is also suffering thru this. Because lumpier big municipalities physical coverage is too big for the municipal administration to handle so now is the poorer communities suffering because of the lack or no services given to them in the last 20 years. So called former “Black” Municipalities had a good governance record before being incorporated into Tshwane for instance the Soshanguve Municipality north of Pretoria. Also the city cultures are different from each other for instance, Pretoria and Bronkhorstspruit and Cullinan which form Tshwane. These cities have different history, uniqueness and characteristics. So we destroy city identities by incorporating municipalities into each other.

How do the party want to obtain this? If the African Mandate Congress wins wards around the municipality, the voters have given us then a mandate to implement to create the new municipality. Even if the party have won voter districts (usually wards are divided into 5 regions and have set out boundaries were people should vote) the party have the mandate to create these as well. But in certain cases, if two wards next to each other are won by the party then it is sometimes possible to incorporate them together and create the new municipality, which already is smaller by 700% than the current municipality.  People on ground level can empower them self and make sure that the governance is not corrupted and economically sustainable. Also the protection of cultures can be more sustainable in these municipalities. The party will use Section 235 of the constitution and the Municipal Demarcation Act to create these.


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